I worked for Great Lakes Diesel for 2 weeks. He had the cops at his shop because another employee wanted his pay too..I never went back to work for Rick Plauman, I refuse to work for someone who uses such fowl language, always yelling at everyone .

I contacted dept of labor and have a case against him. DOL has sent him 3 letters to send my pay to them so they can send it to me. Rick claims he has answered all 3 letters. There he goes again lying, I called the dept of labor and they have not had any response from Rick Plauman.

Rick just pay your employees and things will be ended. I am not the only one who did not get paided.

When I answered his phone there was several people who wanted there pay. Rick Plauman you have serious problems.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Why is your Name not on here ?? Like to talk to you who ever you are


He needs to be shut down. He takes deposits from many customers and does not finish job with keeping the money. Dont get how the state could let him stay in business...............

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